Investment Management and Consulting

Realizing retirement plan participant outcome prudently.

Retirement Plan Level Investment Service

Provide fiduciary investment management services to select and monitor plan investment options. Nexus338 takes on full fiduciary responsibility in the capacity of an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary investment manager with full discretion for the sole interest of the Plan participants.

Managed Account Level Investment Service

In the capacity of an appointed ERISA 3(38) fiduciary investment manager, Nexsus338 provides independent evaluation of the asset allocation or risk allocation methodology in managed account offering as well and serves as a fiduciary on the individual participant portfolio level as a derivative of the managed account service.

Fiduciary Consulting

Assist plan sponsors and fiduciaries to evaluate the optimum investment solutions for plan participants and to understand tradeoffs and benefits. Moreover, to develop a written prudent process to meet plan sponsors’ fiduciary responsibilities. This may also include plan design analysis and evaluation.

Strategic Consulting

Assist asset managers, insurance carriers and recordkeepers in strategic analysis and planning in product innovation and distribution in the defined contribution retirement sector.

Individualized Glide Path Solution

Today’s retirement plan QDIA can generally be characterized as either “one-size-fits-all target date funds” or “expensive managed accounts.” iGPS offers the best of both worlds: an individualized portfolio to retirement savings that can deliver lifetime income in a single solution at a low cost.


Our Mission

To professionally guide our clients with the insightful thinking and care they seek to achieve balanced and sound decisions in their best interests.

Our Approach

The DOL’s and SEC’s combined efforts to regulate the investment and advice industry over the years, by strengthening the application of the fiduciary standard, have been challenging. Serving in clients’ best interests by removing conflicts is common sense. We welcome the rest of the industry, with or without additional fiduciary regulations, to join our way of life – to carry out actions in good faith with undivided loyalty and due care.

  • Regardless if we are advocating for our clients under the ERISA context or assisting institutions in strategic marketing, product distribution or ideation, we place our client’s interest first and always.
  • When serving as a 3(38) fiduciary investment manager for a managed account offering, we take on an active and engaging role in understanding the asset and risk allocation algorithm as well as identify the optimal building blocks to fulfill the portfolio allocation on an individual participant account basis.
  • We understand the importance of the phrase “inspect what we expect”. This means that we take ongoing monitoring seriously. This is where a developed prudent process comes into play and allows us to course correct early and to make responsive changes timely.